How To Sell Your Quilts


If you have decided to sell the quilts that you have made, there are numerous options available. You can start with local shops and then move ahead of the ladder and sell at handicrafts events.Online sale through social media is also another great way to start selling your work.

Social media: A great way to interact with your future customers. You can use your creativity to tell a story of how you started this work; the more inspiring the story is, the better your work sells. Also, you should mention what differentiators you have from others who display their art. A visual representation will work wonders for your sales.

Pictorial representation: You may have the most beautiful, well-designed quilts. Unless these are visually represented, they will not grab the attention of the customers. You should get professional photographers to click high-quality images of your product if you are planning to sell it online. That image should bring out all the qualities that your product has that can lure the customers to buying it.

Showcase your work at shows: If you want the locals to appreciate and buy your work, then you should display them at the local shows. A craft show in your location or any art gallery can be chosen to present your product. Even an apartment clubhouse is also a great starting point.