Benefit for Torndao Victims


June 7, 2007 is a day that many of us in the Mountain area will never forget. The weather was pleasant enough earlier in the day, but we were warned about a coming storm that would have very high winds, not just gusting winds. So many people cancelled plans and stayed home. Those who had their TV sets tuned to the evening news at 5pm learned that a tornado hit the White Lake area and the storm was moving through the area.

Here in Crooked Lake, the power went off and then on again about 5 times while we were preparing our evening meal. Then the power went off for good (only to be restored after 2pm on Friday). We received hail and 0.8 inches of rain in less than one hour.

Little did we know, but the tornado hit the White Lake area, demolishing the Bear Paw Resort on the Wolf River, and the storm moved northeast in about a 1/2 mile path. The storm snapped off almost all trees in its path at about 10 feet. Besides the many power lines that were felled, many homes were severely damaged or destroyed. The Half Way Bar at the intersection of Island Lake Road and hwy 32 only opened their new building in November (after a fire) and has now lost most of its roof.

The Riverview Town Hall and surroundings are heavily damaged (this is the site of our meetings and activities.) The rafters are exposed on the roof. The outbuildings also are heavily damaged.

Several members have lost their homes or sustained heavy damage. As we learn more about our members, refer to the MEMBERS page for details and names. Please let me know who else has damage. It is really hard to get through on the phone lines; they seem to just ring and ring.

I took photos of some of the damage last night; view them here. Rhoda Ebersole took photos on the weekend; view hers here.

Rita Shores, Webmistress

P.S. Here is the Forest Service report on the Quad-County Tornado including a map of the affected area and a photo gallery. Benefit for Torndao Victims: Friday, June 29th at the site of the Riverview Fire Department. At noon there will be a brat-fry. At 6:00pm there will be a street dance.