Benefit for Torndao Victims


June 7, 2007 is a day that many of us in the Mountain area will never forget. The weather was pleasant enough earlier in the day, but we were warned about a coming storm that would have very high winds, not just gusting winds. So many people cancelled plans and stayed home. Those who had their TV sets tuned to the evening news at 5pm learned that a tornado hit the White Lake area and the storm was moving through the area.

Here in Crooked Lake, the power went off and then on again about 5 times while we were preparing our evening meal. Then the power went off for good (only to be restored after 2pm on Friday). We received hail and 0.8 inches of rain in less than one hour.

Little did we know, but the tornado hit the White Lake area, demolishing the Bear Paw Resort on the Wolf River, and the storm moved northeast in about a 1/2 mile path. The storm snapped off almost all trees in its path at about 10 feet. Besides the many power lines that were felled, many homes were severely damaged or destroyed. The Half Way Bar at the intersection of Island Lake Road and hwy 32 only opened their new building in November (after a fire) and has now lost most of its roof.

The Riverview Town Hall and surroundings are heavily damaged (this is the site of our meetings and activities.) The rafters are exposed on the roof. The outbuildings also are heavily damaged.

Several members have lost their homes or sustained heavy damage. As we learn more about our members, refer to the MEMBERS page for details and names. Please let me know who else has damage. It is really hard to get through on the phone lines; they seem to just ring and ring.

I took photos of some of the damage last night; view them here. Rhoda Ebersole took photos on the weekend; view hers here.

Rita Shores, Webmistress

P.S. Here is the Forest Service report on the Quad-County Tornado including a map of the affected area and a photo gallery. Benefit for Torndao Victims: Friday, June 29th at the site of the Riverview Fire Department. At noon there will be a brat-fry. At 6:00pm there will be a street dance.

Quilt Show


Clothing embellished with the PNQ logo may be purchased from Top Dog Promotions, (formerly Top Notch Promotions, and still displaying that sign), at 13825 Hwy 32 & 64, Mountain. You may call at Sheelagh School at (715) 276-2444; fax at (715) 276-2459. Her email address is [email protected] Come in and try on a garment in which you are interested; they have denim shirts, white shirts, polo shirts, knit shirts, jackets, and fleece garments. These may be ordered especially for you in any color and your appropriate size.

Quilt Show: We held a very successful first quilt show, “Color My World.” at Suring High School in Suring on Saturday, October 7, 2006; We had 370 visitors attending. Program and Listing of all entries (with descriptions) are posted on the MEMBERS page. Winners of Raffles were listed in the October-2006 newsletter. Our next quilt show will be held on October 11, 2008. We hope you will look for us then.

Membership: Membership is currently open. Each year we have a few open positions after memberships are renewed in May/June/July. If you wish to join, you may ask to be placed on our waiting list. Inquire at the Hospitality Table at the next meeting to be directed to our Membership Chairman. You may alternatively send an email to [email protected]

Guild of quilters in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest


We are a guild of quilters in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. We came together as a formal group in May of 2003, and are now beginning our fifth year. We meet (temporarily) at the Breed Town Hall (check the top of EVENTS page for directions), south of Mountain, Wisconsin. We have a limit of 75 members.

Each Month:

Regular meetings 3rd Monday at 7:00 p.m .
Sewing Session 1st Monday at 3:30 p.m.
Newsletter posted ten days prior to regular meeting
Slideshow added within week after meetings & special activities

Winter Meeting Cancellation Information: We never know what “Old Man Winter” will send our way! If the weather is nasty, and you’re not sure if a meeting or sewing session will be held, you may call an officer to find out. For the sewing session a decision will be made by 2:00pm , and for a regular meeting by 5:00pm. You may call LaurieS 7l5-276-6l43, DeannaT 920-842-2057, or DebB 715-276-7085 [Angela is the fourth officer, but since Angela works during daytime hours, you will not find her at home.] If conditions are too bad for you to venture out, then there is no need to call anyone.

Special activities are scheduled throughout the year. Feel free to browse our website. Watch for a second quilt show to be held on Saturday, October 11, 2008. This is not a juried show; we prefer to display only the quilts of our members. The MEMBERS area is restricted to current members of our guild.

For the fourth year, we are displaying a “car” in the Christmas Train in Mountain. This is part of a promotion by the Mountain Area Business Association during the Christmas season, and is lighted at night.. View the slideshow on MABA’s website.

President’s Challenge: Laurie Schonenbeck issued a challenge to members of the guild in December of 2006. Prior to that, the guild met Deanna Tachick’s challenge in 2005-2006. During September, 2005, members of our guild created quilts (over 50) and shipped them to serveral places to be distributed to those persons displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Laurie’s President’s Challenge came to a close at the May meeting. A group photo was taken with all the quilts and their quilters. Then on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, our President’s Challenge quilts were displayed at Tabor Lutheran Church in Mountain, following the Memorial Day Cemetery Service that the VFW does every year. Look at the President’s Challenge page for an update on this project and to see more pictures of the quilts!